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Published 2 years ago with 0 Comments

Why You Should Choose Custom Web Design Over Website Templates [Infographic]

This Infographic is compiled by GO-Gulf Dubai Web Design Company which highlights the facts that "Why you should always choose custom web design over pre-made website templates" for your business website.

  • Since the dawn of internet, websites have kept evolving into faster and more feature rick platform that we see as today. What once used to be a an empty space with just a few header and an introduction is now a full scale website that use all sorts of features and functions such as banners, sliders, images, videos, themes and other forms of advance operation for adding appeal and convenience. But when it comes to designing a website in today‚Äôs era, should the owner go for a bespoke design or off-the shelf? For one, bespoke designs bring back tons of return where as premade templates are known to lack ROI is used.

    Since custom developed designs are tailored with the specific requirements of owner, they last longer compared to the store bought designs which need updates and security fixes regularly. Another great thing about custom design is its SEO and Responsive compatibility. When you are designing a website you can introduce as SEO elements for better rankings and do it in responsive design so it can be acceded through all sorts of handheld devices.

    Premade designs are also SEO capable and responsive, but the amount of features are limited hence restrict the potential of the website. To see a better comparison between the custom design and off the shelf templates, view the infographic below designed by GO-Gulf Dubai Website Designing Company.


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