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Published 4 months ago with 2 Comments

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  • sashinator (edited 4 months ago)

    Carrie Fisher's bio:

    “Harrison flicked away his Camel and looked at me: ‘I can drop you at your place – it’s on my way.’”

    Read it in his voice... *gulp

    “He took my arm and drew me into the back of a taxi, moving us closer and closer until we were two faces, four eyes, one kiss...”


    “...going to the place where we could rehearse that kissing we would be doing a year and a half later”


    “...these were the early days and nights of the Force.”

    Really?! A pun?!? Really? A pun. Really?

    Yeah. Because Star Wars fans definitely have not heard enough of those. No don't waste any precious words elaborating on a steamy get-together between the coolest princess and the suavest swashbuckler in the galaxy. By all means, let's make more juvenile puns.

    Did you get Hoth and heavy? Did he make a run on the trench? Was he forceful? Did your hangar open for starfighter refueling? Did he shoot first? Was the force strong with that one? Did his blaster fire too quickly? Is his wookie hairy? Does his Kessel run in 12 parsecs? Was he able to pull out in time at that speed? Did he ask you to "blow this thing and go home"? Did he see the insides of your tauntaun? Did he come in through the south entrance? Did he go over to the dark side? Was there good in him you've felt? Or have you felt it good in? Or was he looking for love in Alderaan places? Is there an awful lot of moisture in there? Was your battle station fully armed and operational?

    • gladsdotter

      Has anyone read Fisher's book to know if all of the writing in it is that cliched?

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