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Published 3 months ago with 6 Comments

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  • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 3 months ago)

    It simply became a partisan issue when environmentalists adopted alarmism, and activists vandalized private property, spiked trees and generally protested in the name of the environment. For you youngers this was years before global warming or climate change was heard of. In the sixties it was an air, water, even garbage dump issue. If you listened to those purveyors of doom and gloom, the air was unbreathable, the water undrinkable, garbage unmanageable to the point we were all dead approx. 20 years ago. During the late seventies-mid eighties when all could see those "environmentalists" were preaching B.S. a new cause/alarmism immediately sprung to life promoted by the very same purveyors. This time it was man made global warming, evidenced by tree rings, and undeniable warming, and yes even admitted to now, lies. According to those alarmist environmentalists we are dead now of rampant escalating temps and oceans inland by miles. Of course when those predictions fell flat, adjustments had to be made, as they have since to this very day.

    Partisanship started with the lies of the original sixties alarmists, gloom and doomers. and accompanying activism. The earth is warming, but never to any rate predicated 30 years ago or even yesterday. That's when/where the modern partisanship was born and bred and some history behind it.

    • AdelleChattre (edited 3 months ago)

      Mind you, this is from someone that claims global temperatures have been falling, that oceans aren’t rising, and cites some very strange sources for denying anthropomorphic climate change. So there’s that.

      • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 3 months ago)

        Let's just see as what our most disingenuous contributor here at Snapzu, Adelle just offered.

        His first link as to "falling" if you wish to check prior to 2015 when that comment was offered, My comment was accurate/correct.

        His "rising" had little/nothing to do with ocean levels as did my comment. More to the published fact undersea volcanos were melting sea ice in Antarctica not climate change.

        His "strange" is just another example of his penchant for absolute complete fabrications/lies

        On to actual fact. My comment above is accurate, though of course not comprehensive as space and time do not allow. Take what you will from it, it is from my perspective naturally, my qualifications as to authorship are that I lived it and was an avid believer myself till I saw the actual data and witnessed all public access denied, still is, after the Mann bunch got caught in out and out lies.

        • AdelleChattre (edited 3 months ago)

          So you’re happy to claim now that you never based your climate change denial on bizarre Wheelerian psychobabble?

          More than that, you’re good to go with the claim that in 2014, the hottest year then so far recorded, global temperatures were falling?

          One thing I’m curious about, though, given your evasion just above on ocean level rise, is whether you’re now ready to agree that global sea level is rising?

          Huh. I’m not saying every time you put two or more words together it’s a lie. I mean, if they weren’t I would definitely go back later to check if you’d changed them, but there are some things you say with a grain of truth in them.

          For instance, yes, there were, once, incorrect predictions of a coming ice age. That does have something to do with global warming deniers like yourself calling the rest of humanity now ‘alarmists’ and ‘warmers.’ There are those very, very few people whose skepticism of the science around man-made global warming is principled, and important, and a rejection of dogma more so than a radical aversion to the truth like yours. I still respect a few people who are reserving their agreement with the overwhelming consensus on climate change. Not when they base that on crazytalk, though.

          The time for politely suffering crank climate change deniers is long-since passed.

          • MAGISTERLUDI (edited 3 months ago)

            Is there an honest bone in your body?...LOL

            ", you’re good to go with the claim that in 2014, the hottest year then so far recorded, global temperatures were falling?"

            Good try, but look to the actual article and its date..... March 2014

            The article and my comment predated the end of 2014 so you once again try to misrepresent fact, lie, and continue to display your lack of any/all integrity. The rest of your diatribe is nothing but your usual dose of innuendo and attribution containing squat.

            Nothin more to say here to Adelle, as I can't/won't give any credence to any additional comment(s) of his. However I would be more than happy to discuss or debate anyone who can/will converse in a civil manner.

            • AdelleChattre

              We’re not going to get anything out of you acknowledging sea level rise, either, are we?

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