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  • NinjaKlaus

    Scholars provided evidence showing that social bots were implemented in acts aimed at disrupting the 2016 U.S. presidential election. And news organizations documented how foreign trolls bombarded U.S. social media with fake news.

    Yet, we turn a blind eye when WikiLeaks or other leaks tell the story of the US disrupting and interfering in other elections.

    Celebrity social media mobbing intensified. One example: “Ghostbusters” actor and Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones was publicly harassed on Twitter and had her personal website hacked.

    This is called bullying offline, and in such we have some anti-bully laws and stuff, yet, to bully is human and is hard to weed out.

    Researchers are exploring why people troll.

    See above, it's bullying, it's human nature and can never be stamped out, IMO.

    One of the biggest challenges will be finding an appropriate balance between protecting anonymity and enforcing consequences for the abusive behavior that has been allowed to characterize online discussions for far too long.

    There is no balance, you either have free speech or you do not. I shall have the right to say whatever I want so long as I don't cause physical harm, that seems to be the way things are now with the whole you can say whatever but you can't yell Fire in a crowded room to incite panic and potential harm.

    The U.S. Senate heard testimony on the increasingly effective use of social media for the advancement of extremist causes, and there was growing attention to how social media are becoming weaponized by terrorists, creating newly effective kinds of propaganda.

    Just like the printing press before it... just this time there are vague or no laws that are tailored to the internet.

    A May 2016 Pew Research Center report showed that 62% of Americans get their news from social media. Farhad Manjoo of The New York Times argued that the “internet is loosening our grip on the truth.”

    The scary part here is that so many don't get news from a news source, the second problem is no wonder the NYT is saying the internet is harming truth because it means people aren't reading their paper.

    It’s a brawl, a forum for rage and outrage. … The more we come back, the more money they make off of ads and data about us. So the shouting match goes on.

    Perhaps, just perhaps the "forum rage" is because there is a subset of the population that appears to enjoy these rage incidents. Have you not seen a CNN or Fox News broadcast where instead of reporting they now do forums of talking heads and their opinions... for ad revenue and ratings.

    The application space on the internet today is shaped by large commercial actors, and their goals are profit-seeking, not the creation of a better commons.

    This I believe is the source of the whole thing, in places where you are the product (Free User Account sites) and the company is for-profit this is what happens.

    My opinion is we live in echo chambers where usually we seek out similar opinions and avoid those we don't like, in a way the polarization of the internet really helps that. What we decide are trolls are sometimes just people with differing opinions because we don't want that opinion validated. The best thing though is that you've now seen that opinion, you can't say that isn't real and people can't believe that you've seen people post they believe it. In some cases this can start good dialogue and you get a new look on things and in ...

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