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Published 2 months ago with 5 Comments

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    A great, long, informative read. Thanks for the link. I'm always rather sceptical of nutrition advice contained in books that come off like self-help programs.

    Gundry really does come off as a snake-oil dealer from the descriptions provided here. Sure likes to toot his own horn.

    • gladsdotter

      That was my reading of it too. But I'm sure millions of people will be happy to try giving up fruits and vegetables, and then proclaim they feel better.

      • Appaloosa

        Thank you for posting about things not to do. My simple advice, Eat sensibly if you can, Exercise whenever you can and try not to get hit by fast things.

        • Gozzin

          We need nutrients to survive, but many plants makes us sick, so synthetic supplement pills and powders are the prudent approach.

          This to me is the suspicious bit. We did not evolve to deal with processed supplements. I'm just going to eat as I will and call it a day. So far, the way I have been eating has not hurt m

  • sashinator

    Yes, he also sells supplements he recommends. The last 20 or so minutes of his infomercial is a string of claims about how supplies are running low, and it’s important that you act immediately

    Oh no... it's Andrew Wakefield's anti-vaccine BS all over again. Semi-qualified leach does just enough "research" to demonstrate fear mongering and plausible deniability then profits in the aftermath of hysteria by selling "alternative" remedies (which, in all likelihood, is what motivated the "research" to being with)


    It's downright sociopathy and this type of behavior needs to be criminalized. Kicking these for-profit-misinformation quacks out of medical practice is too lenient. The mass effect spread is far too deadly to society as a whole to be ignored. They need to be prosecuted and serve jail-time as examples to others thinking about fueling their youtube infomercial, basement-made product sales with fear mongering.

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