• ttubravesrock

    It's an honorable goal, but that's not the tone you want to take to ask people for donations.

    I understand that with your non-primary language it may be difficult to portray tone.

    Here's a TL;DR with my interpretation.

    We need to stop driving cars in order to save the planet. -- Good. I agree. I understand the reason you have a desperate tone.

    If you live somewhere with bad public transportation, move to somewhere with good public transportation. -- That's easy to say on paper, but isn't realistic.

    We quit our jobs to do this full time and nobody has given us any money! -- As far as I can tell from your Patreon, you are going to use the money to basically spread awareness. How? Are you going to hire a PR specialist? Are you going to advertise on TV, Radio, Websites? Are you going to just maintain a website and sit on the rest of the money? You need to have a tangible plan once you reach certain goals, or nobody will give you any money. Why don't you take the time to do a little bit of research on what you can do with certain amounts of money. Say you reach $100 a month. That's not much, but you can maintain your website plus do some minor web advertising. At $500 per month you could do X. At $5000 per month you could hire someone to help. At $10,000 per month you could start to think about purchasing a bus and hiring a driver in a location near you to add revenue. Once you have a separate reliable revenue stream you could rely less on the Patreon patrons and use the Patreon money to do more.

    Cars are bad. Electric cars suck too! -- Another point where I could agree with you, but you are condescending. I recommend you go to Fiverr and pay someone a small amount to do the writing for you. Good writing is very important if you want to be successful.

    I can't believe people are still ignoring us! You are scum! Stop being irrational assholes! -- GET SOMEONE ELSE TO WRITE FOR YOU!!!