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  • Cyber Leaders Recognized for Going Above and Beyond During Inherently Challenging Transition Year.A judging committee of senior cybersecurity experts from (ISC)2's U.S. Government Advisory Council (USGAC) and industry assessed individual and team achievements of a select group of nominees and awarded GISLAs in seven distinct categories. The 2017 GISLA recipients are as follows:

    -Technology Improvement – Individual Category: Daniel Holmes, senior information technician operations engineer, U.S. Army

    -Process/Policy Improvement – Individual Category: Matt Shabat, director of performance management, Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

    -Workforce Improvement – Individual Category: Barbara Smith, information security director, Pacific District, Department of Veterans Affairs

    -Up-and-Coming Information Security Professional – Individual Category: Michael Rocha, IT specialist, DHS

    -Community Awareness – Team Category: Hemant Baidwan, branch chief, Executive Business Management, DHS

    -Most Valuable Industry Partner (MVIP) – Team Category: Parham Eftekhari and James Scott, co-founders and senior fellows, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

    -F. Lynn McNulty Tribute Award - Brig. Gen. (ret.) Gregory Touhill, CISSP, former Federal Chief Information Security Officer


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