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Published 3 years ago with 5 Comments

I finished my first knitting project

  • I finished a circular scarf-type-thing using 10mm 60cm circular needles, and chunky acrylic yarn. I learned a lot doing this! I used this blog-post as help.


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  • Gozzin

    That looks very nice indeed. Well you know most people really appreciate hand made items.

  • purplepoprocks

    Good job! That looks like a great starting pattern! You only ever have one first thing so make sure to hold on to it. Plus it'll be fun to look at it in the future and see just how far you've come.

    • BlueOracle

      I gave my first project away! It was a Harry Potter scarf. I still have my first gauge swatch, though. I guess that's technically the first thing I ever knit. I agree the first project is special. Somehow I always end up giving most of whatever I make away. shrugs

  • BlueOracle

    Yay, this looks great! Congradulations! :D

    The only way to learn knitting is by doing it. You were very wise to use a light colored, chunky yarn and large needles for your first project. I love the pattern you chose, it's so cute! Thanks for sharing it. So, how are you liking knitting so far? Are you hooked?

  • geogrammer

    Nice!! My first finished project was on circulars too :)

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