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Most intelligent Indian high school graduates do not get into government medical universities, as such try to pursue their goals by getting into private medical universities in India or studying MBBS abroad.


    Most intelligent Indian high school graduates do not get into government medical universities, as such try to pursue their goals by getting into private medical universities in India or studying MBBS abroad.

    China currently has over 6000 Indian students pursuing MBBS course in over 50 medical universities. What makes China one of the hottest destination for most Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad?

    On the 26th day of July 2007 the Medical Council Of India announced the list of approved universities for students wishing to study abroad in English medium to consider. That list had 30 Higher medical institutions from China, this number has rose steadily each year and currently has 214 medical universities being approved by MCI for Indian students to study MBBS abroad.

    The increase number of Indian students wishing to study MBBS in China being the medium of t6eaching. English is the language used by most Chinese medical universities who teach MBBS and are approved by the Chinese ministry of education to admit international students. This has empathically gained the interest of most Indian students since it means upon returning back to India they do have to write IELTS or TOFEL to prove their English proficiency so as to participate in NBE screening test, not like other Indian students who study in Ukraine or Russia or Germany who are taught in Russian or Dutch language.

    Admission or enrollment into Chinese medical universities is quite easy compared to Indian Universities or the USA or UK. There are no entrance exams like AIMPT or MCAT or SAT. Students are accepted by university based on their merits.

    China is located in Asia- Pacific Area and compared to all other countries medical universities within that spectrum, China has the best medical schools. The quality of education in Chinese medical universities is much higher than private medical universities in India or surrounding countries. Due to China being closer to India compared to UK or USA or Australia thus less cost of flight tickets to China from India (i.e. about 22,686INR per one-way ticket).

    Duration of studies for MBBS in China is a total of 6years, internship inclusive. This makes it shorter in comparison to USA where it lasts for 9years or UK 8years or Germany which is also 8yeras since students have to spend two years studying German language.

    The average cost of tuition for Chinese medical universities is 28,000RMB that is less than Indian private universities and is 70% cheaper compared to the USA or UK or Australia. This tuition is affordable for most middle class families in India.

    Most Chinese universities are affiliated to at least 4 hospitals and each has about 700 inpatients beds. MBBS study in China comes with lots of benefits since students are taught with the latest technologies used in the medical field and modern techniques are also implemented. Students to teacher ratio is quite substantial thus students are able to get the optimum from their lectures.

    Curriculum used by medical universities teaching MBBS in China are based on WHO approved systems and each specific university is certified by MCI thus standard of teaching aids students in having excellent results in the screening test conducted by NBE. Also students graduate with globally recognized MBBS certificates which makes them eligible for other board screening examinations such as PLAB and USMLE.

    China has over the past years recorded one of the safest cities in the world. This urges parents or guardians to not worry. Since their kids will be safe and have very conducive environments to study and make themselves approved and make their families proud.

    China is the best place as an Indian to study abroad to your best potential.


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