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Published 3 years ago with 2 Comments

[Warning Lot's of Text](Pathfinders) - "Oath to a Calling"

  • I’m currently running a Pathfinders game where one of my players likes to play non-standard characters. So he came to me saying that he is wanting to take on a martial tradition.

    So after reading through them, I had to tell him that because we are 6 sessions in and no longer in the background creation, he can’t just take on a tradition, if he want to take one of these on, he’ll need to justify in game how he found out about the existence of these, how he found out their location, why he is choosing to join them and how he convinces them they want him to joined them.

    Now, I liked the idea of taking an oath and being accountable to it but, if you hold to it, it gives advantages. He had also happened to (in a short solo session) make a promise to a dying elder of his people (his people who no longer had a leader and had been driven to wonder lost underground), that he would find them and lead them a home. This gave me an idea.

    So I modified the traditions into what I called an, “Oath to a Calling.” This particular one, which I suggested to him as a means of capitalizing on his promise, is called “Heir to a Fallen People”.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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  • RoastedRareByte

    I like it. You've created what is effectively a personal mechanic based around the role-playing of a particular character, and that's the best kind of homebrew. On top of it all, this could be the perfect segue into something of a rulership, if your inclined to guide him towards it.

    Let us know how it works out!

    • Wenjarich

      Ya, I lke to encourage character story development. Makes things interesting. :)

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