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Published 5 years ago by Villenn with 3 Comments

Snapzu app?

  • I signed up for Snapzu a while back because I was looking something similar to reddit but different.... if that makes sense. Anyway now that it seems to be getting more attention, I was wondering if a mobile app exists or is in the works. Haven't found anything after a quick search.


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  • hingeattack

    No, there isn't one yet. The API is expected to be released some time this year, so apps will quickly follow after that, most likely.

    • CDefense7

      Looking forward to it. Much of reddit browsing is done on mobile app for me.

      • hingeattack (edited 5 years ago)

        I also used mobile a lot. Switching over to a computer is a bit weird, but I'm getting used to it. It'll be nice when the apps do come out.

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