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Published 5 years ago by Urbanknight4 with 6 Comments

Artists: What's your story?

What is your motivation for making the art you do?

  • I want to know what motivates you guys. For me, it's a bit anticlimactic compared to what you may have. I grew up as an artist- I didn't go to art school or anything of that fashion, but my parents always helped me in that path and even pushed me to achieve better results. I used to draw and paint and use modelling clay everywhere I went, and while I wasn't really good at it, it was my calling. I never really felt a burning passion to draw, I just did it- it felt right, like I could do nothing else. Like a well-worn boot that you slip on to feel its comfort, art became my calling. Until recently, I was just a paper and digital artist. But now... I discovered street art. I love drawing and using Photoshop still, but there's something really fulfilling about changing the city around you that calls out to me. Change and happiness- that's my message, and art is my ink.

    What's your story? What do you make art for? Do you make art because it's your calling, or is it your hobby?

    As a sidenote (well, endnote, or whatever), I wanted to mention that I had an idea for the Snapzu art community. Artists can already submit their work to /t/art and /t/artists, and they can sign up to /t/artrequest to receive requests and offer their skills as awesome art-mercenaries, but the community doesn't truly place their spotlight on any of them. I want to see who responds to this, and if I get enough feedback I'd love to have a weekly spotlight featuring an artist from Snapzu in the three tribes I mentioned: /t/art, /t/artists, and /t/artrequest. Here's hoping it goes well!


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  • Zeus (edited 5 years ago)

    I read a book that started great and wound up really bad, but one of the characters inspired me to write. She was a storyteller, and I thought that would be a cool thing to do.

    Also, I wanted to impress the ladies.

    • Urbanknight4

      The ladies are always a worthy pursuit, if I say so myself

  • [Deleted Profile] (edited 5 years ago)

    [This comment was removed]

  • ShadeofNoon

    I began reading the Encyclopedia even before I was admitted to preschool, Age 5 and on the age of 14 I completed most of my interests from the pages of those books. Got Internet where I began writing Poetry, and Sketching and met an Artist at school years after. My reason is attainment of Knowledge because of those books It's a daily urge, and I contain my feelings within my art.

    All in all it became so that I could understand most of the darkest, demented and complex Art out there.

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