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Published 4 years ago with 4 Comments

What was your favorite pet(s) and why?

  • Can be past or present.


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  • Nospine (edited 4 years ago)

    We used to have an African Grey Parrot and man was it fun to spend time with her. They are very smart which means that they sometimes comprehend the situations they're in and react accordingly.

    I would always carry her on my shoulder, and it was really entertaining how she repeated what she heard from me and my family. There was this one time when she started speaking to herself in the balcony and we heard her talking about a "gun". She would often repeat what she heard from people on the street, and we were used to it, but hearing about a gun, well, that was quite the thing to hear. Everything was good though, and we had incredibly fun times until my grandma started getting allergies from her and we had to gift her away... So sad, so very sad.

    It's those fun moments and situations she created that made her one of, if not the best pet I've ever had.

  • Rhumanity

    Tippi, my first pet... he was a turtle and he is my first favorite because he died by the most loving intentions of my baby brother who just wanted to give him a hot bubble bath... I still won't try turtle soup.

  • Gozzin

    I've had a number of them,but I'd have to say the first German shepherd dog we had when I was a kid. He had a wonderful personality and was a delightful dog. All the kids in the neighborhood loved him.

    Several parakeets I trained to talk and fly to me and, a very friendly java temple sparrow who loved back rubs, my rat colony and watching the rat's antics and interacting with them and my house rabbits. The rabbits are really different than other pets i have had,but no less enchanting,interesting and delightful.

  • Roundcat (edited 4 years ago)

    My cat Buttons. I had him since I was 5 years old, and because my family moved around a lot, and I was not very good at making friends, he was probably my best friend through out most of my childhood.

    The cat scavenged like he was raised by raccoon (and I swear he has fought and won against them before) yet at the same time carried himself like royalty. When we got other pets, he always managed to get them to do his dirty work like knocking down our garbage, stealing food from our table, and ganging up on neighborhood pets that bothered him. I swear he was a fucking crime lord.

    Yet at the same time, he was always there when I was feeling down. He always seemed to know when I needed to be cheered up, and would come lie on my lap whenever I was sad or depressed. He didn't like to be pet too often, but during those times it was always okay.

    He was both and indoor and an outdoor cat. He would always follow me to my school's bus stop, He usually went outside when I went out, and he would always hunt wild birds and bring them to our doorstep.

    Sadly, He died during my second semester of college. I'm not religious or anything, but I like to think if there is a heaven, he's knocking down God's trashcans and stealing his heavenly rotisserie chicken.

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