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Managers and Real Estate Guiding Principles in Dubai, UAE

  • Landlords usually feel indolent to resolve unimportant issues linked with real estate. Continue this approach and these so called “smaller issues” expand gradually, creating havoc for both managers and potential landlords.

    Property administration is indeed hectic taking a lot of time for establishment and comprehension. Managers, sole owners and occupants must all collaborate to proceed in the right direction. Before proceeding, better check your country laws for intrinsic rules and limitations while starting legally. Beginning in the right manner guarantee success without flunking constantly in between!

    Rental market has moved upwards during the last few years due to economy and rising number of tenants. “Lifelong tenants need lifelong proprietors”, that’s how the trend goes today. Reading further would unveil helpful tips on property management.

  • A Way With Agents

    There’re many online software to help you administer real estate still, basic guidelines are a must from those already working in the field. In case either one of the dealing parties don’t agree to the terms, agreement is marked void and you’ve to pay agents a sufficient amount, possible double the original price.

  • The Close Call

    A sign of a good property manager is his timely availability. Tenants may face trouble or any other controversy that requires immediate solution hence non availability would result in losing them. When practicing property management in Dubai, retaining tenants is considered a primary task and specific clauses are highlighted in the agreement to bind both parties for long.

  • Does the Contract Say Something about Parking Space

    When looking into apartments as your next accommodation, do consider car parking space as what’s more inconvenient as our vehicle parked a mile away from home! Realizing the fact, latest developmental projects especially when you buy apartment in Dubai features not just basement but additional floors are reserved for locals and guest’s separately.

  • Is There Room for Negotiation & What About Double Charging

    Amenities such as lift, gymnasium, community halls, parks and others are significant factors raising property prices. As a tenant, inspect the place completely to avoid paying double price and get no such facilities in return. Meanwhile, there’s always room for negotiation because owners don’t want to throw away opportunity then it knocks on their doorstep. Some are so stick to “no negotiation” so if encountering such kind, move to other places providing far better living option.

  • Don’t Challenge Your Budget

    Renting is more affordable as you don’t have to bear maintenance and repairs cost. Nascent occupants usually opt for buying despite limited budget while end in a debt pile.

  • What’s the Best Choice; Purchase or Lease

    This decision merely depends on market economy and again, factors like affordability, types of property, maintenance and all. Are you moving due to employment or simply for a change in lifestyle? Answering all these questions will help you make a resolute decision in the right way. Surrounding environment also matters as no one wants to live in a hostile place or project built over loose soil! This also effect cost as well a living standards.

  • Conclusion

    Given above are a few tips, not just beneficial for property managers but potential renters as well so do read and comprehend carefully.


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