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12 Easy Curb Appeal Tips

Having a gorgeous house that sticks out in your neighbourhood is quite empowering. Nothing beats the charm of a neatly done front yard, especially if you’re planning on selling your house soon. Are you looking to attract potential buyers? Then taking care of your curb appeal is essential! How can you improve the curb appeal of your house? As the first impression is crucial, work on your front yard and entrance. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, check out these 12 easy tips on how to boost the curb appeal and attract the much-wanted attention from people.

  • 1. Replace the hardware

    Even though you rarely notice the little details such as the house numbers and post boxes, they are an important part of every house. Old and decayed hardware can make the entire house look neglected. So, instead of putting your home at risk of being perceived as messy, the least you can do to boost curb appeal is to replace the hardware. Replace the mailbox with a new one that adds an elegant charm to your home. On top of that, don't forget about the street number. You don’t have to use a traditional tag. Luckily, there are modern and unique street numbers that will make your home pop.

  • 2. Gussy up the front door

    One of the first things potential buyers notice as they approach the house is the front door. Dated, squeaky doors can be quite off-putting for many people. However, buying and installing a new door can be costly. But what can you do to create an inviting atmosphere that won't scare anybody away? Gussy up your front door! Oil the rusty hinges and replace the doorknob and lock. Something simple like that can transform your entry. On top of that, you can give your front door a new coat of paint that will refresh the entire home!

  • 3. Refresh the porch

    Unused porches can ruin the whole aesthetic of the house. Dusty floors, cobwebs and empty spaces don’t look appealing at all! So, to boost your curb appeal, you should consider refreshing your porch! How can you do that without remodelling the entire place? The first step you can take is to dust and wash the floors. If necessary, paint the railing around your porch to make it look newer. Don't forget to add lovely details that will make your porch original. For example, wall decoration or a vertical garden can do wonders for your space!

  • 4. Add a seating area

    Another thing that can be missing from your porch or front lawn is a seating area that looks friendly, warm and inviting. Who doesn’t love to invite friends or family over for a beautiful day in the garden? Therefore, if you’d like to attract more potential buyers, you should arrange a seating area. Whether you decide to implement it on the lawn or the porch, make sure that it looks comfortable. If you opt for lawn chairs, make sure to add enough cushions that will make them cosier. On the other hand, if you’d like a couch or a loveseat, but don’t want to spend money, make your own. Simple wooden palettes make great and modern furniture!

  • 5. Take care of your lawn

    When was the last time you thoroughly took care of your lawn? Mowing it every Sunday isn’t enough to make the grass lush and green. How can you take care of your lawn to make it beautiful and appealing to everyone who sets eyes on your house? One of the main issues is usually old furniture and things piling up in your garden. To have and maintain a green lawn, get rid of the unnecessary things from your front and back yard. Also, you need to trim your lawn from time to time to keep it neat and even. Besides mowing it often, make sure to rake the dead leaves and plants. Also, don't forget to water it every day for additional freshness and greenery!

  • 6. Refresh plant beds

    No curb appeal is complete without landscape. Every home needs at least a small garden to keep the household in touch with nature and their inner peace. So, if you want to create a homey vibe and maintain a fantastic front yard, consider refreshing plant beds. What can you do? If the plants are withered, fertilise the soil and plant new flowers. Add a bit of charm to the plant beds by implementing stone or wooden frames that will keep your herbs together. Don’t forget one of the main rules of planting, and that is to give each plant its necessary space!

  • 7. Install outdoor lights

    Dark yards and driveways always seem spooky and unappealing. Nobody would like to feel scared to walk up to their house at night. That’s why you should install outdoor lights to light up the way! Wouldn’t that be overly expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Motion sensor lights save energy, yet make your home shine during the night. If you install the lighting properly, it will highlight your yard and house and make it seem inviting. Choose the best solution for your property from pathway light to string and fairy lights to make your yard and home cosy.

  • 8. Dress up a driveway

    Having a driveway for a car is a big plus for any kind of property. However, if your driveway is cracked, decayed and ruined, it can be off-putting for many people. Those who are looking to purchase a new home will appreciate it if you dressed up your driveway. How can you do so without spending a fortune? Firstly, make sure that the driveway is always neatly swept. Get rid of all the weeds that are growing in the cracks. After that, you can always add a new, fresh coat of concrete over your driveway to make it smooth and even. No need to sweat about it.

  • 9. Embrace symmetry

    One of the many things the human eye finds appealing is symmetry. Symmetry creates a stunning first impression and immediately draws attention! So, to have a wonderful front yard that leads up to the front door, embrace symmetry! How can you create a symmetrical yard? A pathway that leads to your front door is ideal for that. Hedges, flowers and plants planted on both sides of the trail create perfect symmetry that stimulates the eyes. On top of that, you can put matching lanterns or lights on both sides of your front door. This will make your house seem more put together!

  • 10. Use some paint if necessary

    You’re probably aware that houses need to be repainted from time to time. Old colours fade away and the walls crack which can ruin the beauty of your home. So, if you’re planning on selling your house or simply improving the curb appeal, make it shine with a fresh coat of paint on the walls! You don't need to be an expert to paint the house. Invite a couple of buddies over, and do the job during the sunny weekend. If you're looking for tips and tricks for painting the house, make sure to pick an adequate, eye-catching, yet appealing colour that will be pleasant to look at.

  • 11. Warm welcome

    Ding-dong! Your guests have arrived! How can you provide them with a warm welcome while they are waiting outside of your front door? The first thing you can do is install a doorbell that will let you know your friends are there. But is that enough to boost the curb appeal and add homey value to your property? Definitely not! No home is complete without a customised door mat that will greet your visitors in a great manner! Besides welcoming your guests, doormats are essential for keeping your home clean during the rainy season. On top of that, your house will look homier with a mat. Who would've thought that a simple doormat can add so much personality to the home?!

  • 12. Implement window boxes

    Last, but not least, don’t forget about your windows! They play a large role in your house’s curb appeal. What can you do to make them prettier? One of the first things you should do is replacing or repainting the shutters. However, that is not enough to draw attention to your home! Consider implementing window boxes. They are ideal flower holders that will make your entire home more charming and lovelier! You can DIY a window box on each window and spruce up your exterior design. Pick flowers and plants that will make your house stick out and water them frequently to keep them fresh.

  • Conclusion

    As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money on improving your home’s curb appeal. Even the smallest details can lighten up your space and create a friendlier atmosphere. Step by step and you’ll create an inviting house in no time, raising its value!


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