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Top 20 Benefits of Daily Yoga

  • Get more out of your life. Get more out of your life.
  • Why should you make yoga a part of your every day life?

    Here’s 20 reasons you’ll find very hard to argue with. In fact, after reading it, I think you’ll find it challenging to come up with even 3 worthy reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t do yoga!!

    Benefits of Yoga: *1.Increases overall quality of life *2.Gives you more energyyoga *3.Improves your athletic ability *4.Improves your mental clarity *5.Boosts your immune system *6.Improves short term memory *7.Increases your ability to concentrate *8.Self-esteem rises *9.Tones and strengthens your body *10.Flexibility increases *11.Improves balance *12.Helps slow the aging process *13.Helps you cope better and be less effected by with stress *14.Improves quality of sleep *15.Speeds up the metabolism *16.Increases productivity *17.Improves posture *18.Improves stamina *19.Improves skin tone *20.Reduces the risk of memory loss, back pain, knee pain, anxiety, obesity, stroke, type II diabetes, depression, heart disease, upper respiratory infection…. and so on.

    Amber | http://intothesoul.com


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