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Published 6 years ago by CoffeeJunky with 7 Comments

Kickstarter Crap - Sphinx Gaming PC

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  • KAMI

    Why in the first place would you need a fancy case when 99% of the time you're staring at the monitor.

    • drunkenninja

      I think this whole fancy custom case thing got started so that you can show off your ride.. erhm.. I mean "machine".

  • drunkenninja

    This guy's got quite the mouth on him...

    • CoffeeJunky

      Being vulgar is part of his Youtube personality. If you don't mind offensive language and like unboxing videos, you should check out his "Bad Unboxing" series. I'll just say that very few companies send him things to unbox xD.

      • drunkenninja (edited 6 years ago)

        Hah, I bet! I must admit I somewhat enjoyed his review of that kick starter campaign and I do enjoy vulgar profanity laden arguments that humorously bring attention to gaping holes in arguments and what not. What bothered me however is the shameless use of the word "retard". Personally knowing families and friends that have kids and older people suffering with different mental conditions, I just felt he should have brought it down a notch in that aspect. Overall, the guy is a funny dude and I totally get his videos...

        BTW, do you have a link to any of his other videos? If so, slap them in the RL links for everyone to check out :D

        • CoffeeJunky

          Yeah, the usage of the word retard can be a bit excessive. Also, added some of his weirder vids to the related links.

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