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Published 3 years ago with 7 Comments

This Is Your Body Over 24 Hours


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  • AinBaya

    Seriously informative. Not sure I took all the facts in but just having an explanation for all these things are cool

    • Csellite

      I also thought this was very interesting and I also didn't take in all the facts plus it's the afternoon so I forgot about 14 of them! XP

  • uncornrage

    I've always felt that I'm much sharper in the morning, and after 5 hours of being awake my mental capability seriously diminishes. I thought that there is something wrong with me, but it seems like that's just how it works.

    I wonder if the type of work you do makes a difference in what time of the day it's best performed. Though analytical work is much easier to do in the morning, I wonder if evenings would be more suitable for all kinds of creative work. Maybe when your brain is tired, it is more open for new ideas and thinking in completely new ways, when it's not so constrained by rationality.

    • ddecator

      It likely does result in different types of work being easier to do at different types of day. Many anecdotes and productivity tips suggest finding optimal times of day to do different tasks based on your own circadian rhythms, but I think the research is still emerging in this area. Circadian rhythms vary a lot more from person-to-person than the video makes it seem, because they are regulated by various zeitgebers (e.g., sleep/wake cycle, eating times, exercise times, light exposure). For research purposes, it makes it more difficult to do analyses and determine what times are best for different tasks.

      • uncornrage

        I wonder how long it takes until someone develops wearable tech that tells you the exact optimal time to work, exercise, eat and sleep. It'd be pretty nifty.

        My English skills might be a bit lacking, because I've never heard of the term 'circadian rhythm' before. I always thought that the highly scientific term was 'biological clock'. :P So thanks for expanding my vocabulary!

        • ddecator

          Sorry, some jargon that slipped out from my studies, haha

  • Rothulfossil

    Well, now I kinda understand why I'm all screwed up.

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