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Published 7 years ago by Arhnold with 3 Comments

Hey so how does this place work?

I'm wondering how this neat site operates. Can someone help me out and teach me some stuff.

  • Hey guys love the site just want some help thanks.


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  • originalone

    I'd like to hop on the site q & a as a fellow newcomer. What exactly is a snapzine? Like a collection of your favorite snaps you've saved?

    • drunkenninja

      Yep, pretty much a place where you can save the stuff that grabs your attention.. you can check out mine here.

  • geoleo

    Welcome fellow brother. We are a small (new) community of "snappers" that enjoy to share links with each other. Voting is used to curate the content and all the highest voted stuff gets more exposure. voting also teaches all the spammers a valuable lesson that we won't eat up any of their shit. Have a great time and enjoy your stay! :)

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