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Published 3 years ago by Appaloosa with 5 Comments
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  • egregious

    I never understood how a company can deceive in such a stupid way so many people. I mean, the hungry for money is one of the reasons, but still... A company like Goop should have more dignity and try to concentrate on quality products/services instead of how making money from shit, especially when it is in the media attention. (because Gwyneth Paltrow... (¬_¬))

    • leweb

      A company having dignity? Haaaahahahhaahaaa!

      Companies exist to make money. They sell this crap to people because they buy it. As long as people are ignorant (and proud of it, as many are), they'll keep paying for shit. It's like a tax on stupidity.

  • aj0690

    Stephen Colbert just had a hilarious tear down of this last night.

    • drunkenninja

      Just watched it. Hilarious indeed, I almost spit my coffee out when he taped those batteries to his thigh haha.

      • Appaloosa (edited 3 years ago)

        Me too! It's ridiculous to think that 2 AA batteries would have any effect. You need at least 2 D batteries.

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