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Published 6 years ago by AinBaya with 7 Comments

Come join us on IRC

Chat with us on IRC and follow the Tribe

  • Follow the /t/irc tribe.

    Join the chat at irc.freenode.net in the #snapzu channel


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  • xef6

    I know I'm not contributing anything to this thread but just live your lives knowing that I would give you guys a cookie.

  • TheGuyThatsMeh (edited 6 years ago)

    Everytime I try it out it says server not found.

    Edit: Turns out, it just needed a backspace.

    • AinBaya

      Nice. Glad you could join us

  • sin

    Clickable link to join the irc chat with your irc client:


  • click

    it says it sent an email, but it hasn't. What's the delay on the emails, usually?

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